6 de novembro de 2009


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New forms of monastic life are necessary and inevitable. Ideally, they will be supported by the old institutions practicing the renunciation of self-will that Benedict urges. Or they will come to birth anyway because the monk within each person must seek expression. Either way the world needs new religious forms that breathe peace as much as our ailing planet needs trees.
Contemplative life, however peripheral it may be to institution, is the purifying element in religion. The new forms may be smaller, more mixed and flexible in commitment and work. Certainly they will be more focused in the practice and sharing of the contemplative experience that we hunger for today. This experience elevates the sense of time. In such places we will have time to take tea and say Mass with delight.

Laurence Freeman, OBS in The Tablet

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Sandra disse...

Esta foto e linda! E verdade que ela evoca esta paz tao desejada! A Paz de Deus no coracao humano.