30 de julho de 2008


‘The heart can be a mysterious organ, the heart and its movements. Dark, the Spanish call it. The dark heart, el oscuro corazón. And are you sure you are not just a little dark-hearted, Paul, despite your good intensions?’
‘We would like to be simpler, Paul,’ she says, ‘every one of us. Particularly as we near the end. But we are complicated creatures, we human beings. That is our nature. You want me to be simpler. You want to be simpler yourself, more naked. Well, I gaze in wonderment, believe me, upon your efforts to strip yourself down. But it comes as a cost, the simple heart you so desire, the simple way of seeing the world. Look at me. What do you se?’
He is silent.

J.M. Coetzee em “Slow Man”

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