26 de julho de 2008


© JVieira
Those days are gone!
We will fight for our rights
Equality is our new oxygen

25% in GOSS is just a resting point
The destination is 50% women representation
Soon, new crops of leaders
like the late Dr. John Garang and Joseph Lao
will be women
We have accepted leadership

Our room is no longer a kitchen but offices
We have discarded early marriage
We are no longer conditioned parasites
Education is our new farming tool and hunting weapon
We are glued to education

We have accepted
It is clear now
We have seen the road
The message is getting to our hearts

We are grateful to NESEI and Winrock
Your efforts are saluted
We are getting the tune
Don't give up on us
We have accepted education.

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philippine lotto results disse...

Alla hu akhbar!!!

Anónimo disse...

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