2 de abril de 2010


Gidel’s Jesus © JVieira

Jesus, how often I think that I am too busy to pray! My days are overloaded…

And yet, Jesus, you surely don’t expect me to be so preoccupied. How could I not have the time to think of you? You are always at my side.

You alone are my strength, my courage, my support. I want to make a habit, Jesus, of speaking to you as a friend, to confide my joys and sorrows.

And so from the bottom of my heart I want simply to say: Jesus, I love you!

When I am tired help me to say, Jesus, I love you!

When I find it hard to forgive, I need only to repeat: Jesus, I love you!

When darkness comes on me and I don’t know where you are, I will call on you and say: Jesus, I love you!

My daily task will become easier and my work will become a prayer which says: Jesus, I love you!

What trouble can shake me? What suffering overcomes me if I can always repeat: Jesus, I love you?

For the joys you give me, for the graces you shower on me, my thank-you will always be: Jesus, I love you!

And simply to please you for no reason, let me often say: Jesus, I love you!

And when the evening of my life comes, and you invite me home, let me say for one last time here bellow, before I depart: Jesus, I love you!

And when you call me for judgement, be merciful, Lord, because you know how many times I have said Jesus, I love you!

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JAC disse...

Caro padre José Vieira,
meu nome é Jader, sou brasileiro e acompanho seu blog constantemente.
Gostaria de nessa data poder lhe saudar com a paz de Cristo e desejar a paz para este país tão especial.
Deixo meu contato em aberto para o senhor...