10 de março de 2011


Oh God!
We praise and glorify you
For your grace on South Sudan,
The land of great warriors
And cradle of world’s civilization.

Oh Father Land!
Arise, shine, raise your flag with the guiding star
And sing songs of freedom with joy,
For peace, liberty and justice shall forever more reign.

Oh brave warriors!
Let’s stand up in silence and respect,
Saluting millions of martyrs whose
Blood cemented our national foundation.
We vow to protect our nation.

Oh Mother Land!
Land of milk and honey and hardworking people,
Uphold us united in peace and harmony.
The Nile, valleys, forests and mountains
Shall be our sources of joy and pride.
So Lord bless South Sudan.

Thirty seven artists took part in the national anthem contest last year and a group from the University of Juba headed by Medo Samuel was announced the winner. The different Juba church choirs are rehearsing the hymn to be ready for July 9 independence. So far there were twelve rehearsals in as many churches from different denominations.

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