11 de março de 2009

A young girl was quite fond of her little doll.
One day, not watching where she was going, she tripped and fell.
When she got up she found that her doll was badly damaged.
Her brother, who saw all this, laughed when he saw the broken doll.
"Laugh all you want," she told him, "but I am going to pray to God to fix my doll."
"Oh yeah? He won't even answer you," jeered the brother.
"I bet he will," the girl replied with complete conviction.
The girl began to pray and her brother went away to play.
When he returned a few hours later there was the doll still in pieces.
"Looks like you lost the bet," he taunted. "God didn't answer you at all."
"Oh yes he did," the girl replied. "God said No."

"Stories and Parables for Preachers and Teachers" by Paul J. Wharton

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