13 de março de 2009


From the Middle Ages comes this legend about a nun who claimed that she had had a vision of Christ.
The bishop asked, "Sister, did you talk to him?"
And she said, "Yes, I did."
He continued, "If you have another vision, ask Christ this question: 'What was the bishop's great sin before he became a bishop?'"
He knew that only God and his own confessor would know.
About three months later, the nun made an appointment to see the bishop. When she came in, he said, "Did you see our Lord again?"
"Yes," she replied.
"Did you ask him the question about my sin?"
"Yes, I did."
"And what did he say?"
She smiled and answered, "The Lord said, 'I don't remember anymore.’”

"Stories and Parables for Preachers and Teachers" by Paul J. Wharton

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