22 de dezembro de 2007


© JVieira

The Angel of the Lord was sent to me!
She does not have wings
but her heart flies
and makes mine fly too
with her inspiration and radiance
in a hug of wonderment and belonging.
I called my Angel Corazón.
I was living aloft
and God sent Corazón
to pull me down
with the gravity of her pro–vocations
and the weight of her suffered wisdom.
We built our holy ground
by the mighty river
and there we share our lives
over a beer.
We have walked hand in hand,
heart in heart,
the path of disclosure and acceptance,
of vulnerability.
My Angel awakened my tenderness,
rekindled my endearment and attention,
warmed up my heart,
brought me peace and self-acceptance.
My Corazón made me present
and available
and I became an Angel too.
I love Corazón,
my guardian Angel and my Sister.
Yet, my Angel is not mine.
She has other hearts to tender
and I am thankful for that too.
Angel Corazón,

is God’s blessing
and his loving gift.
Cheers, Great Mate!
Cheers, Compañera.

Bishoftu - Ethiopia, December 14, 2007
Tahesas 4, 2000 ALH

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