19 de fevereiro de 2009


There was a little fish who swam up to his mother one day and said, "Mother, what is this water that I hear so much about?" Laughing, she responded, "You silly little fish. Why, it's around you and within you and gives you life. Just swim to the top of the pond and lie there for a while; then you will find out what water is."
Another time there was a little fawn who walked up to her mother and said, "Mommy, what is this air that hear so much about?" Smiling, she answered, "You silly little deer. Why, air is within you and around you. Air gives you life. If you want to know what air is, stick your head into the stream and you'll find out."
Finally, there was a certain young man who was beginning his spiritual journey. After having difficulty knowing where to turn, he asked a holy woman, "What is this God I hear so much about?"
In "Stories and Parables for Preachers and Teachers" by Paul J. Wharton

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Luisinha disse...

Gostei muito da história, só gostava de saber a resposta final... :)